Pumpkin Patch

Another busy week, I like being busy, but I also like to have a moment or two to write something I can post on my blog.

Tech News

Today I saw Brodie Robertson's latest video on the latest systemd feature, where you can reboot only the user space. I think that is pretty cool and welcome it's development. However, I can't entirely think of scenarios where it would be needed, I mostly reboot because I want to reboot my entire system. AFAIK the user space reboot is everything except the kernel, so I guess one would use it when you undergone a "standard" update of packages, mostly?

Shiny Car

Anyway, on another note. I washed my car yesterday, and am really excited about seeing my car glossing like crazy in the summer sun. I am quite the car detailer and have spent a number of hours on polishing and protecting the paint, the car looks really good all things considered.


So I have found a job, it's only a 3 month temp job, but it brings in some money to cover the basic costs of living, so I am really happy about that. I am also enrolled in the Skilled Immigrant Integration program to help me understand Canada and finding a job, so am busy with that as well. The Canadian Job Market is very interesting. Apparently, most vacant jobs in the job market are not advertised and is referred to as the "hidden job market"?

Anyway, I will post again soon, hopefully.

"May we forever graze in The Pasture Of Muppets"