Genesis - Part II

In "Genesis I" I shared a bit of my heritage and history. Read it here:


Let us move on to Music!

Besides the influence the environment, places and people had on me growing up, music had an even bigger influence. I would say that, besides the people I love and that are close to me, music is the thing I cherish the most. I can't overstate how important music is to me.

My parents told me that as a child I was obsessed with music. Memories of me growing up with music constantly playing in the background, there is even a photo of me holding a guitar at age 5, and I am a drummer! Now that I think about it, I really can't quantify how obsessed I am with music, my soul resonates music, my mind obsesses about music, my body feels music.

The expression I really enjoy, and frequently hear musicians/audiophiles say is; "The Soundtrack of life". This expression essentially means that every person has a different soundtrack, it's music we grew up with and music we are currently listening to.

My most favourite part about listening to music is its ability to encapsulate memories and allow us to experience nostalgia. It's amazing how songs can take you back and make you remember things so vividly. The affect music has on the brain is remarkable.

What is your Soundtrack of Life?

Keep it real, Geminauts.

"May we forever graze on The Pasture of Muppets"

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