Formula Won?

Sunday, 7 May, it's time for the Formula 1 GP in Miami, USA. I was really excited about this race because Leclerc had an accident during qualifying and cutting it short, which upset the "natural order" of things. It resulted in Perez sitting in Pole Position, Alonso in Second and Verstappen in 10th. Even Lewis Hamilton was dealt a bad hand and ended in position 14 or something?

Anyway, I was hoping this race would result in a podium that had some underdogs there, but I was being naive. Verstappen walked through the grid to end in first, Perez second and Alonso third.

Just crazy how bad everyone is and how good Verstappen is. He is obviously a great driver, but I can't help but think that he has an absolutely insane car as well. We have seen the opposite happen many times, drivers switch teams to new cars then absolutely "suck".

The end result of the race was the same as most of the other races I have watched this year haha. I wish F1 was more equal and had a bit more excitement around each race's outcome?

That is all for now.

"May we forever graze on The Pasture Of Muppets"