Absinth make the beer taste fonder.

Finally! Some time to blog!

Man, it has been crazy over here. I have two part time jobs, recently moved and had covid last week. It was pretty brutal all round.

So let me summarize all things related to me.

FC Barcelona

Alrighty, season has ended and two legends have moved on from the club, namely Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets.All I can say is, Barcelona will never be the same, they are top notch in their positions and can't see anyone coming close to them. However, Balde is great young LB and should do great.

Manjar-no, again

Manjaro updates keep on getting better. This time it broke Tangram, a flatpak application, one that is supposed to be distro agnostic. Which brings me to my next point...

Debian 12 Released!

Been waiting for this. I am keen to upgrade my mxlinux machine at home, so a new Debian release means a new mxlinux 23 release. I see their iso is already in beta and am keen for the new version.

Also, I took the dive and installed Debian on my test Thinkpad. I used the netinstall iso and I have to honestly say, I could never do a minimal install with a WM, I have tried Void, Alpine, mxlinux etc, but Debian is the only one where you literally just install what you need and it displays a desktop without any issues. No permission issues, no environment variable issues, I can mount hard drives etc. Just amazing. In light of this, I am then going to format my Manjaro work laptop and install Debian on it, because I am sick of updates breaking my shit, I know Arch is just as good, but I am keen for something more conservative.

Memory Lane

Been going through my band archives, found some very old pics of me in my first band Fozim, and also some live footage of my other band Day Turns Night. I am impressed, I was pretty good for my age haha.


Wine fridges are too expensive, but we are going to buy one to keep all the wines we imported from SA in a good condition.

New Band

Been itching to start writing new music, all I need is time so me and my friend can go have a jam.

That is all for now.

"May we forever graze in The Pasture of Muppets"

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