Tea and Biscuits - Thank You, Sergio Busquets


Today I got the news that a Football Club Barcelona Legend is retiring after this season.

One always want your legends to play forever, because it is such a joy see them work. Sergio played in a very thankless position, but a crucial one, CDM - Central Defensive Midfielder.

This position is the engine of the midfield for Barcelona, he protects the Center Backs from counter attacks and are always on the lookout to get a toe in somewhere to disrupt the flow of the opposition's passing. But what Sergio did best was his positioning and his passing. He passes the ball to where he wants his players to be. So he dictates the shape of the formation and where attacks essentially comes from. He makes the pass before the assist pass is made to the goal scorer.

It's not flashy at all, but is crucial to the success of the team.

Age is cruel to soccer players, at around 34 you lose pace and are deemed redundant. Even though Sergio still passes amazingly, his legs are starting to give and his pace is less, but the way he plays he compensates for that with his positioning. He has played over 700 games for Barcelona and won everything there is to win. I respect him for ending on a high and giving the younger players a chance, Barca do not have a replacement yet, maybe Frenkie De Jong, but Frenkie is really good at attacking football and a box-to-box midfielder. We will see how things are next season. I predict lots of growing pains, but we'll see.

Thank You Sergio for many years of great football.

"May we forever graze on The Pasture Of Muppets"