Queens Of The Stone Age - New Music

Aha! This is some great news! New QOTSA music! Yes, it's the band with the coolest name around!

Before we get into the new song, let me explain my journey with QOTSA....

While I was doing my MSc in Chemistry in 2012, I started listening to QOTSA. I remember that I was at a point where I was looking for new bands and my own friend there at University suggested the band to me.

QOTSA are one of the best rock bands out there. When I listen to a band I give a lot of credit to unique song structures, recording sound/techniques and the general vibe of the band. As time progresses it becomes ever the more difficult to innovate in music. So many combinations of melodies, drum beats etc have already been recorded and used, it's hard not to fall into a trap when writing new music. However, QOTSA almost always delivers something new and fresh. Their music writing style is definitely "Avant-Garde", they generally use differnt song structures and melodies. The weirder, the better. On top of that, their recording always sound amazing, and is part of their aesthetic.

Now, the new song...

It is definitely different to their previous music. The recording is a mix between the album Like Clockwork, Lullabies to Paralyze and traces from their previous album, Villains. I dig the new song, and always happy to see Josh Homme release new music. Also, the song has some interesting rhythmical patterns, which I really enjoy, it makes the drumming interesting and takes longer to get into it. The weird rhythms create an uneasy feeling. The chorus is classic Josh, some good Falsetto vocals. The video is also super grungy. Love it!

The New Song:

QOTSA - Emotion Sickness

If you are not familiar with QOTSA, go listen to these albums:

May we forever graze in The Pasture Of Muppets