Goodbye Manjaro, Hello Debian

I have been running Linux on my personal computers for some time now, probably between 10-12 years. I started using Linux after I worked with it as a Post-Grad, it was love at first site, how can you not love the SPEED?!

I first tried Scientific Linux, then some weird Ubuntu/Debian derivates like Elementary, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Voyager linux etc; I had no idea what I was doing and what I was looking for. After a few breaking of install by adding dodgy PPAs I discovered Manjaro XFCE; it was amazing and everything I was looking for! I went full Manjaro, even printed those little stickers to stick on my laptop after I removed the Windows ones. After a few years on Manjaro I got that itch again and went down other Linux rabbit holes (ArchLabs Ricing etc). One of which was the systemd-free one, but that for another time.

Anyway, in March 2023 I decided to install Manjaro i3, I was looking for a quick install of "Arch" with i3 pre-configured and ready to go, this was for my "work" laptop, the one I use at home every day for work related stuff. My logic was that I am well versed enough to manage Manjaro as a daily driver.

I was wrong, some Manjaro updates broke things I couldn't fix, or didn't know how to fix, or didn't have time or care to fix haha. The first breakage came when some weird update broke all my flatpaks. The second one was where the startup time of Firefox and other apps were so severely impacted that it literally took apps 30s to start the first and second time loading the app.

As we all know, time is money, and I am here for the speed.

So, yesterday I had enough of this bullshit after I saw a 1000mb update awaiting me on Manjaro. My first thought was "I can't handle another breakage". So, decided to jump to Debian 12 via a netinstall. Had some weird issues with EFI and secureboot; after installation I got a message saying "no bootable device found". After troubleshooting a bit, I formatted the disk with a live USB and changed a BIOS setting enabled secure boot, even though EFI boot mode was selected.

Finally, the install worked! I then proceeded to install all the goodies I need and about two hours later my data has been transferred back to my laptop and all the tweaks have been done. Perfect! Now I know this laptop should be good for another 5 years, or until I get that itch again after Debian 13 is released haha.

Moral of the story: Don't install Manjaro, just use Arch, btw.

"May we forever graze upon The Pasture Of Muppets"

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